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Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become a brand and a leader providing life-long education opportunities steering the scientific, technologic, economic, social and cultural developments of our era.


The main objective of the continuing education centers , also known as units which have the target of providing lifelong learning opportunities within a university, is to provide possibilities catering for the continuous development of external organisations and institutions or individuals at a national and international level.  

Among the goals of each continuing education center are creating opportunities for the development of individuals and their adaptation to future changes by keeping pace to the world dynamics in terms of technology and science.

Various lifelong learning possibilities including learning or developing a foreign language and developing in different occupational fields are offered with a consideration of the current conditions and advancing technology. In addition to all, through the internationally-recognised certificate program and with a mission of increasing the occupational skills of the individuals, EMU-CEC contributes to the future of the participants. 

Through the support of academicians who possess expertise in their chosen fields and boast international recognition, our Center continues to offer services in accordance with its unique mission of contributing to the development and advancement of organisations, institutions and individuals.

EMU-CEC aims to be a brand in lifelong learning and spread the learning culture to individuals from all age groups.

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