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Eastern Mediterranean University Continuing Education Center (EMU-CEC) is a unit of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), which has been providing services based on the concept of lifelong learning since 2004. The main objective of the unit is to meet the educational needs of public and private sector organisations and institutions as well as individuals at national and international levels.


EMU-CEC organizes various training programs, courses, workshops, seminars, certificate programs and conferences to cater for the aforesaid need. These are educational activities that everyone can participate in, and may also take the form of special training programs that are organized for the external institutions and organizations in accordance with their specific needs and demands. The period of training may vary from 2-3 hours to 400-500 hours depending on the content of the educational activity.

EMU-CEC also organizes in-service training programs and other similar events to ensure that EMU's own employees (workers, administrative and academic staff) update and develop themselves both in their specific area of work and at a personal level.

In addition to organizing training programs and activities aimed at providing individual and professional development, our Center also offers services for university students and professionals to help them prepare and participate in internationally-recognised examinations.

EMU-CEC is an authorised TOEFL-IBT and TOLES center and offers preparatory courses for those who wish to attend such examinations throughout the year. Besides these activities, it conducts certificate programs catering for professional needs. Our trainings are developed through determining the levels and regions of the participants. English-medium training opportunities are also offered to those wishing to receive training in a foreign language other than Turkish.

EMU-CEC's Fundamental Operation Principle

EMU-CEC attaches great importance to quality and ethics in catering for the needs of external institutions and organizations as well as the individual and vocational training needs of EMU employees. In this context, EMU-CEC has been holding ISO 9001: 2008 certification since 2008. All trainings and activities organized by EMU-CEC are offered by EMU faculty members who are experts in their fields.

Our center provides seminars, courses, certificate programs as well as consultancy services and teacher training support to all organisations or institutions with the support of expert academicians who have become a brand in education at the international arena. In this way, the majority of our instructors working in different fields convey their knowledge and accumulation to the participants participating in educational activities offered by our center. In cases where an instructor with specific expertise in a field is not available in EMU, we work with external instructors who possess expertise and a strong educational background in their fields

Number of People Benefiting from EMU-CEC's Academic Activities and Organisations

EMU-CEC offers training programs and activities for all age groups and education levels. Between the years of 2004 and 2018, the number of individuals who have benefited from EMU-CEC activities was 36.437.

Certification of Participation in EMU-CEC's Training Programs and Other Organisations

EMU-CEC certifies the participation in all training programs and activities it organizes with an internationally recognized certificate, depending on the nature and duration of the training offered. In this context, a 'Certificate of Success' is presented to the participants of educational programs which provide knowledge and skills in a certain subject after the evaluation of their success. A 'Certificate of Participation' is given to the participants for short term and more informative training activities which are not assessed at the end.  A certificate is offered to the participants of training programs exceeding 20 hours.  


Although our Center is a unit of EMU, it also benefits from areas where EMU has succeeded and received certificates. All national and international documents/certificates in the units to which the trainers are attached also apply to the trainings offered by EMU-CEC.

EMU-CEC is a full member of the Council of Turkish Universities Continuing Educaiton Centers and the European University Continuing Education Network. Our unit also has the quality of being the first Continuing Education Center of the island and the only center providing uninterrupted educational services. Additionally, our unit has the authorisation to use the certificate/document logos obtained by EMU in the international field as well as the logos of the unit's own international memberships.

Scope of EMU-CEC'S  Educational Activities and Other Organisations

EMU-CEC conducts educational programs and training activities in an array of areas corresponding with the academic service areas of EMU's faculties, schools, institutes and research centers. Vocational training and development, management, economics, business, engineering, foreign languages, education, communication, tourism and hospitality, culinary arts and fine arts and health are the leading areas. In addition to all, targeted towards different age groups, summer and winter school activities, exam preparation programs and exam services are the activities included in the annual program of EMU-CEC.

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